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This web site was designed and developed by MMC Interactive Limited™.

We are one of the oldest web businesses in the UK. We developed our first web way back in 1997, before most people had heard about the web, and only a year after it became available to the public. We focussed on the tourism industry and developed major web applications for a number of tourist boards.

In 2000, founder Malcolm Mactavish was appointed as lecturer in web technologies by Abertay University in Dundee and he spent fourteen years researching emerging web technologies and teaching students how to design and develop fantastic web sites. However, he kept having ideas for great new webs and, in 2013, came back to private practice.

MMC Interactive isn't really in the business of developing individual web sites for organisations. Although we can and will do that, MMCi has become a publisher. We are developing two main applications - one (such as this) centred on activity-based tourism and a second that seeks to promote town centre regeneration. Both of these are built upon years of experience in these two sectors.

We understand that a shiny visual design is only a very small part of our job. To build web applications that really work, they need to be designed from the inside out. Our applications have a strong foundation, based upon:

  • a properly designed data architecture; this lets us change visual designs and functionality without having to revisit the underlying structures
  • sound coding using the latest standards and properly formed semantic html; this means that our webs work in all browsers and that search sites such as Google can easily understand our content
  • a high degree of accessibility; everyone should be able to access our applications and we try to provide the highest degree of usability and accessibility. Apart from anything else, an accessible web page is one that search sites can also access
  • "responsive design": our applications work equally well on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and web-enabled phones. In fact, we were developing web pages for phones way back in the year 2000!
  • solid content based on effective marketing; including funnelling systems leading to solid calls to action
  • terrific backup; when you have a question, we're here to help!