Steam Days - about narrow gauge railways
narrow gauge railways
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Narrow Gauge Railways were built where a full-scale railway line wasn't justified, affordable or maybe where the land wasn't suitable for a standard gauge railway.

Because the lines were closer together, tighter bends could be used. Tunnels and embankments could be narrower and hence cheaper both to build and maintain.

Most narrow gauge lines were used only to support the work of mines, factories, etc. Sometimes, they would be used where a railways was only required for a short time. But there were some that were designed for passenger use right from the start - most mountain railways, for example, were built to a narrow gauge.

For the visitor, narrow gauge railways offer a unique experience. A little bit bumpy, but all the more fun for that. Although they have a roof, the carriages are often open at the sides, and the rush of air is a little bit like hurtling along in a traditional sports car.

Narrow gauge? It's something everyone should experience once, and ideally many times!












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