Steam Days - about museums
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It's easy to think of museums as old-fashioned places, full of dusty relics and, let's face it, maybe a little bit boring. But these days, many of them are vibrant centres that are interesting and entertaining.

Most railway heritage groups will have a small museum in, or attached to, their premises. These aren't listed in this section. Those that <em>are</em> listed are dedicated museums. They're less about displaying bits and bobs. Instead, they are designed to help us understand both the past, and how we came to be as we are now.

We've listed all sorts of museums - from mainstream railway museums to a model railway museum and industrial museums that show the mechanisms used to power our industrial past.

Throughout the country, you'll find museums large and small. From those run by local interest groups, through regional centres, right up to the massive national centres such as those in York, Shildon, etc.

We'll help you choose the one that matches your interests. Then just make your way there, and it'll be "all steam ahead" for a fantastic day out.