Steam Days - a perfect day out
Steam Train Crews

Sometimes an ordinary day out just isn't good enough. You need something special. Something you've never done before or that you've always fancied trying out. Something different to show your family. Maybe something to rekindle memories of years gone by.

steam train driver - photo courtesy Alan Shipley We have the perfect solution. During the middle of the last century, British industry and transport was modernised with electricity, diesel or other power sources replacing steam. But all around the UK, enthusiasts saved what they could from the scrap yard, restored it to working order and opened heritage centres.

A ride on a steam train is a wonderful experience, transporting the family to Hogwarts, the Isle of Sodor or any number of places they've read about or seen on screen. But, back in reality, steam train rides provoke our senses. Imagine the anticipation of the whistle blowing, their delight when the old train starts to puff along the track. The smoke billowing over the old carriages - maybe ones with corridors.

Imagine the sounds and smells. The clanking, puffing and hissing that we just don't hear any more. It's a real life history lesson. A chance to do what our parents did. A unique experience that most people would say will stay in their memories for the rest of their lives.

Don't think "some day" - make it today.

Family day out at a steam railway with steam train in background - based on photo by John Carter The places shown in this web site aren't limited to steam trains. We've included other kinds of railway - seaside cliff railways, trams, and the miniature railways that you can find in parks throughout the country. You can also buy ventolin find lots of museums that display items from the steam age, and maybe even have working steam engines that once powered machinery in factories from the Industrial Revolution! In terms of industrial archaeology, these are important centres of learning. But for a family day out, they simply bring history to life.

Start having fun now. Browse through the locations and events. You're sure to find one near home. Or, if you're planning the family holiday, just search for steam train rides in your holiday area. Remember - this will be an experience that will stay with you and your family forever. If you don't get round to it, you might regret it. So don't think "some day". Make it "today".